Q&A: Delta CEO on outage, efforts to win back passengers


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ALL US airlines also are as bad as DELTA. The US Airlines business is a fraud and a rip off as they continue to add fees that were once for just to offset the cost of fuel. But Fuel is cheap now and they continue to use these fees for Luggage and food and drinks and increase them. They make sure the planes have no leg room to add seats. They make their FF programs a joke and insult. Its all greed and Delta really does not care about the flying public. I try not to use any US airline except where there is only US Carriers. The Airlines are rigging the system to rip-off the Public and they need to be regulated again as they are like Wall Street and the Banks and out of Control. Delta is a pure example of this.

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I generally like Delta and fly them when I'm not flying JAL.

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I always fly Delta!! A few years ago a flight attendant between Seattle and Narita offered to change her schedule to take care of my mom after my father passed away. I am sorry but that is service! Sure flights get delayed, canceled, or whatever. But at the end of the day it's ok as long as the flying is safe!

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IMO international service is generally better than domestic but the issues with US domestic airlines are generally not with the front-line service staff but rather with the overall quality of service being provided in terms of snacks, meals, leg room, entertainment, flight rescheduling and reimbursement, and lack of investment in IT. For instance, Monday's problem could have been averted if Delta had sufficiently invested in the power backup system at the Atlanta data center.

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DocCarlos your post is rather funny to me. I don't think you understand how much a flight actually costs to operate.

Passenger airlines have got to be one of the most awful ways to make money. I don't know how they make money at all. Their profit margin is generally less than 1% per normal flight and if the flight has ANY kind of problem such as a go-around, a delay in departure causing extra fuel usage, or a delay on arrival also causing extra fuel usage, the flight itself becomes unprofitable.

If you want an example of costs, a flight from somewhere like Chicago to Narita using a 777-200LR will cost in the neighborhood of $150,000 including fuel, ATC, salary, etc for that particular flight. Most flights are never fully booked, so if we assume that the plane fills 280 out of 310 seats onboard, with the average one way fare being in the neighborhood of $800, we come up with a revenue of $224,000. Think about the taxes the airline has to pay, the upgrades to equipment, etc. etc.

It is difficult to understand how they are able to operate. Bad passengers who keep demanding lower airfare and more service are one of the main reasons certain airlines in the world get bad safety ratings. Air travel for some people has become so routine that they completely forget that if anything on your aircraft fails, be it the pilot or a mechanical failure, your chances of DYING are quite high.

Let the airlines make their money. The more money they have, the safer you will fly.

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James Burke, great post. Thanks for making me understand.

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