Qantas to raise ticket prices to offset dropping of fuel surcharge


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Finally the airlines admit that the "fuel surcharge" is nothing but a scam. At least if they eliminate the term "fuel surcharge" it will make tickets booked using miles much cheaper.

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My airfare for my upcoming trip to Australia is 70,000 yen cheaper by flying Singapore Airlines instead of flying Qantas, as I have always done in the past. So of course, Alan Joyce's solution to his problems is to raise base prices. Something is not adding up here!

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Fuel accounts for an average of 34% of airline's costs so you have to think that any airline that can't substantially increase profits at this time has other issues.

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Quantas. I hear they have a new motto: "Soak The Consumer For All You Can Get!"

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So this confirms everything, the oil surcharge is not really an oil surcharge pegged to the oil price, but merely was a tool to squeeze more money out of fliers.

If oil price has dropped............................oh well even a blind man could see through this, Qantas go take a jump.

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Raise the prices because oil got cheaper? Why don't they just say "we want to make more money".

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And once again, the dreaded airlines mafia finds a way to gauge the people and steal to make record profits. They maked the seats tighter, the food quality gets worse and instead of allowing the customers to enjoy this short bliss of lower airfares. I never liked the industry and I think all of these ticket prices are way out of control. But they only care about profits and very little about the customer. I'm all for the free market, but come on.

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Qantas = KY

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What's amazing is that in the US, the US airlines are not taxed on the fuel surchage. So all of that is just extra money for the bottom line, yet they keep complaining about the cost of doing business. Not just the bankers on Wall Street who are getting away with cheating the consumer.

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Just boycott Quantas for their 'airway robbery", when passengers leave in droves they will mend their evil ways.

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Isn't THAT cute ? Scammers.

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Cheeky buggers... I just hope the others don't start taking a leaf from their book.

@Hawkeye - NIMBY much?

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What a great business model.

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What an appalling airline it has turned into. I long for the days when it was government owned and provided a service and not to line the pockets of its management and directorship.

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All other airlines to follow suit in 5...4...3...2...

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Who really cares if an oz airline raises or lowers rates. I dont fly to oz so who cares

Fine if you don't care, but news is not only about what affects you.

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If you look at the trends in global aviation over the past decade, costs and competition have been increasing while fares and airline margins have been falling...

If competition is increasing, shouldn't you be doing something to reduce the costs to increase your margins instead of making the customer pay? If competition is increasing, shouldn't you be reducing your fares so that you attract more customers?

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I like the concept of competition but it doesn't seem to have much impact on my routes (North America <-> Japan). JetStar goes to Oceania doesn't it--are their rates better? Or say JAL/ANA. It seems that anywhere outside of our part of Asia is juu-man-en territory.

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I boycoted Qantas after buying a full price QF ticket then code shared onto a crapstar flight. Taken advantage of at that time.

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just an excuse for airline executives and shareholders to make more money..... similar to when the yen was very strong, flying to the UK was the same price as it is now.

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Fuel surcharge: short for " fuel (please) sir (may I have another) charge".

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Qantas = greed!

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There was an article in the Washington Post that basically said airlines aren't going to drop prices - regardless of fuel costs - as long as their flights remain full. Supply and demand.

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QANTAS is a ripoff carrier. One of my flights (domestic) that I take for business is more expensive than flying overseas, and QANTAS is the only carrier between my base location and this other one, so I am forced to fly with them.

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I would do th esame if I owned an airline.

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There should be more premium airlines with premium flying experience for premium prices. The plane doesn't have to be like the Concorde. Just the Apple model, instead of a budget outfit.

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Who really cares if an oz airline raises or lowers rates. I dont fly to oz so who cares

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