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Rakuten to reorganize financial units amid mounting mobile losses


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Why Japanese companies thin it is wise to need to touch every type of business at same time ? Mobile has nothing to do with bank nor trade. On the opposite It reminds of many companies named "x" bank, but which have no standard banking services.

Do things correctly before thinking going to a next step. Greed is not a competence.

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Why Japanese companies thin it is wise to need to touch every type of business at same time ?

Why do you think conglomerates are a Japanese thing?

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Almost every single business that has strayed from its core business has eventually foundered.

Some recover, some do not.

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Rakuten will fail within 2 years if it does not redraw from the mobile sector which was just an ego tripping decision by Mikitani San. Who had one genius idea with the online sales copy of Amazon early on. For the rest everything is bleeding money unless it can eat of Rakuten online sales platform.

Rakuten must as soon as possible sell its dwindling mobile customers to one of the big 3. KDDI the best choice today.

The shareholders will be tired of loosing money and Mikitani San is lucky the overall strength ( bubble strength) of the market keeps him reasonably covered. But that is very temporary

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Not necessarily but at least has a straight core business.

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who would buy R mobile? it doesn't offer any coverage that the other operators don't have...and their investment in O-RAN will not be worth anything as O-RAN is still 5 years away

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