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Red Sea crisis pressures China's exporters as shipping delays, costs mount

By Samuel Shen, Casey Hall and Ellen Zhang

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Red Sea Chaos pressures not only China but exporters globally. Shipping costs and capacity all effected globally, directly or indirectly.

China does need inflation however, so maybe they're tolerance for higher costs is better than the West?! Most think so, they benefit on a relative basis while interest rates and inflation remain elevated across the G-7.

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Perhaps feeding the Iranian monster was not such a smart move, China.

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Apparently 'In March 2021, Iran and China signed a 25-year cooperation agreement that will strengthen the relations between the two countries and that would include “political, strategic and economic” components.'

China clearly didn't read the small print, as they are now reliant on the West bombing the crap out of its Iranian ally's hired guns.

Israel are ignoring the US as well. Allies aren't as well behaved as they used to be.

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More reason why the Islamic extremist terrorist groups in that region need to be eliminated.

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China needs to join the US, UK and others to stop attacks in the Red Sea. Just as it has previously joined international efforts to stop piracy around Somalia. Working together would help open avenues of communication and build a little trust.

Everyone conducting maritime trade is affected, so it makes sense to work in unison.

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China is fueling the crisis by supporting actors along its borders such as the Taliban and Pakistan who support terrorists who support the wars in the wider Middle East so its hardly the person going to stop it.

Either way India will be a victor from this conflict. Its's perfect geopolitics for India.

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Either way India will be a victor from this conflict. Its's perfect geopolitics for India.

The Houthis are attacking ships heading towards India too.

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