Red warning lights flashing for global economy


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Wrong! The simple answer is sanction, tupid... The market is choked by sanction which integrated around the world even to the poorest nation funk.enjoy the covert and invert to fear those nations who has cash in M.E. Nations which is not last long for others secured already and ready to Rambo to Oil Market which cause chaos there every time economy and Money is deflated.Calculate and measure customers and consumers globally or regionally even creating hatetreds, still numbers exceeds to reality...

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@Jimmy Alegre


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Limit top executive pay to no more than 150,000 US dollars a year and redistribute the leftover profit to lower levels-the result will be growth-do this all over the world and watch the world grow!

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A sustained drop would hurt growth by encouraging people to delay purchases in hopes of better deals later on.

The usual debtor-government boilerplate. Not only is the truth of this statement in question -- nobody stops buying things like food because it might be a few pennies cheaper a year from now -- but so what if it is? Saving money and spending it when you choose to spend it is a fundamental human right. God forbid that the public should exercise this right instead of living on the spend-and-repay, never-save treadmill.

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@ThonTaddeo: the question is not whether people will stop buying all together or not, it is how much will they buy for tomorrow, and why they are buying. Economy is always directed by how the consumer views their spending, and with what ease they wield their cash. Slower economy in particular markets means more opportunity other places or a new balance of power. That is what planning is for. The truth of the matter is subconscious perceptions do dictate marketing, politically and economically. How fast an economy can respond to changes determines their position in the finance, trade, and industrial race. Surprise is a real thing and savings have been a particular strength in Japan for several generations, although a good perspective doesn't seem to really be in question here.

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