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Brexit casts shadow over Geneva car show

By Costas Pitas

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what fun! let's watch

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In all honesty, I couldn't care less if one OEM making exclusive cars for the rich and beautiful goes bankrupt because of the Brexit. Good riddance, that's what your own country voted for.

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Silly article.  Brexit is totally not "casting a shadow" over the car show.

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Silly article. Brexit is totally not "casting a shadow" over the car show.

I believe its a figure of speech and not meant to be taken literally.

Brexit has no corporeal form and thus cannot cast shadows.

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As I've said in the past Brexit is the uk biggest mistake, its one big fiasco, total mess, its been handled poorly from the start, as for Europe leaders I, and my friends have seen the EU leaders are throwing spanners into the works just to see us suffer, what ever plan the PM comes up with, they, or someone just say the blinking opposite just to be awkward. and looking at the above article it looks like we are suffering for wanting to leave the EU. poor investment, companies wanting or have pulled out, It looks like that if the other EU members make us suffer, it may say to other countries don't think about leaving because this is the mess that your going to get into, thus keeping the other EU members together.

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McLaren, Bentley, and Aston Martin shouldn't lose too many sales over this- the kind of people that can afford those cars won't be bothered by price increases. But the big question is, can they get the parts they need to build their cars? Air freight shipments to Britain might be very tight in the next few months.

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Maybe it'll become so sour that the U.K. will change trading partners and buy from the E.U. as little as possible. That would be the perfect response.

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