Tesla investigating incident of parked car exploding in Shanghai

By Brenda Goh

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Is Tesla even sure it was one of their cars and that it wasn't using knock-off batteries during some reverse engineering test? It wouldn't be the first time that something like this happened in China. We all know how the darling Chinese state run media is so open to telling the truth about domestic events involving foreign companies and their products. China is very open to investigating these events without blocking access to records or witnesses. In fact, they tend to be able to provide key eyewitnesses at the most crucial times during a state sponsored investigation. Very thorough they are and quite accommodating.

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Hydrazine explosion at Canaveral on same day, poor old Elon.

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See the video clip on this one here.

The smoke, flames and total inflagration seem way too fast.

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Most likely orchestrated and filmed by its Chinese competitors.

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Is Tesla even sure it was one of their cars and that it wasn't using knock-off batteries during some reverse engineering test?

All Teslas sold in China are imported from the US(Tesla's China factory doesn't even exist yet). The car isn't old enough to require a replacement battery.

The problem is the Panasonic battery. Panasonic has the worst battery technology in the EV industry(Worse than the Chinese), yet Tesla is stuck with Panasonic because of the exclusivity contract that Tesla signed with Panasonic during its early days in exchange for cheap batteries and capital investment.

The Panasonic EV battery is so bad that no other automaker uses them other than Tesla which is forced to use them.

Koreans make the best EV battery in the world, Chinese in the middle, and Japanese make the worst( and the cheapest, cheaper than Chinese) EV battery in the world.

“For the moment, we consider that the best battery maker is LG.” - Carlos Ghosn

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Its in China... so, 1) suspect an ulterior motive- (a) to promote a local brand (b) insurance scam (c) internet fandom. Notice the cars parked next to it, worth a pretty penny or two. A "proper" investigation needs to be conducted - and if Tesla are barred from access to do so... then, look at (a).

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