Regional bank in Japan battles ultra-low rates with wine bar, sea urchins

By Leika Kihara and Takahiko Wada

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Maybe the bankers are in the wrong place, bankers should concentrate on the basic rules of banking.

Anything else is nonsense.

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What is wrong with the take a number and wait system?

I think there are many problems with banks (not least the mass panic that occurs at a regional bank when a foreign customer requests help anything out of the ordinary), but the number system is not a problem is it?

It seems like a good way of dealing with a queue, rather than leaving people, including elderly people, standing in a line as happens in my home country. Quite the opposite from your comment, I have wanted to suggest introducing the Japanese system over there when seeing people left standing in a line waiting for ages for an open window. The same applies to the post office.

In Japan, you get to sit down, if you have a while before you number comes up you can use the ATM or whatever you need to do while you wait.

If it is absolutely rammed with people, and your number is way down the list, you can even leave the bank altogether and pop to the shop next door!

What's not to like?

In all seriousness though, what is stupid about the number system? Perhaps I am missing something! Please enlighten me!

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High time that there were regional bank mergers.  won't entirely solve the problem, but will at least give some economies of scale.  also stop already with the ridiculous monetary policy.

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I started my own export business with my own savings.It grows at well over 10% a year.

Why, would I need a bank loan?

Good for you. You had savings to start your own business but you should remember someone might have a selling idea but no cash to execute the idea, cheap,easy funding from financial institution is necessary for startups.

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If banks really wanted to drum up business, how about making them more accessible to the public. In Japan they put up so many barriers, eg re-arrange the banks and have a one to one sit down with customers and no physical barriers in between. Get rid of a much paperwork as possible. Get rid of the stupid 'take a number and wait' system. Stick a kids area in the corner. etc etc etc

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"Visitors to the bar can open a bank account or get consulting services from one of our bankers," he told Reuters. The bar opens in July.

LOL...yep , no better way for a bank  to drum up more customers / business  than to get people pissed and then shove a pen and some papers in  their hand to sign....seriously? rofl...

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years of near-zero interest rates in Japan make traditional lending barely profitable

The same could be said for interest on savings.

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Organic growth is a very slow and stable way to grow, as your 10% yearly revenue increase suggests, but I can't see any downside to a loan with the low interest rates here in Japan and no penalty for early repayment. For cash flow for some businesses this is essential. Also, why operate a company with your own money if you can do this with the banks?

As for this news, seems like a smart idea for these banks to diversify and at the same time support their region.

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I started my own export business with my own savings.It grows at well over 10% a year.

Why, would I need a bank loan?

What I did need was information, know how, products to sell in the right place and customer demand.

Making businesses profitable in 3-5 years?

I was profitable after 6 months.

Placing overpriced products on a table in some far away village in Yamaguchi just won’t cut the mustard.

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