Remote working set to stay post pandemic

By Jean-Baptiste OUBRIER

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Interesting there is no mention on Japan..... I wonder if any change will happen here to the currently outdated working models

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The "shared space" concept, as with WeWork, seems to have gone out the window.

The new model will probably be a mix, such as three days a week at home, two at the office, etc.

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Commercial rents have already sunk...

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Suggest to start disinvesting in any Commercial linked Real Estate Stock holdings... if you haven't already done so.

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And perhaps invest in agencies offering tax advice to home workers instead.

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When working on Company business from home, there are many considerations:

Insurance - is your Company hardware covered by your Home Insurance, and, likewise if your Company hardware explodes causing home damage, will their Insurance cover you entirely for damage caused ?

Theft - of Company property from your residence ? Is that covered too - especially, if the Company hasnt provided you with means of securing it, as they may have back at the Office.

Medical issues related to work - when working at home on Company issues... RSI being an easy one, but it's also a difficult one - since we tend to work longer hours when working from home than we would when in the Office, so is the Company liable for that ? And for ensuring your well-being when recognising that - or negligence for not recognising that ?

Operating costs for working from home - how much does it cost you to work from home ? Are you being paid for that on top of your Salary, or is it now factored in ? (Was there even a Contract change to mention that?)

If you have a Corporate Medical Insurance - does that cover you, if you are working from home ?

I guess the list goes on...

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