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Renault's Senard denies he will be 'commander' in alliance with Nissan


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This whole thing ain't over yet, Saikawa the snake mission is to get Nissan back in Japanese hand. Hope Renault has learned how low they will go to get it, as I read on here in another arrival and well put ends justify the means.

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Whatever, time to move on already.

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"It's not to become a commander but to ensure the mutual respect among the three companies and the directors," Senard said, according to the Nikkei, which recently interviewed with him along with Le Figaro in Paris. "If I'm told to act as a referee, I will do it. But that's not what motivates me."

Well, he is not going to be dumb enough to say 'Yes, I am Commander and Nissan has to do what I say!"

I am pretty sure the Renault team has figured out what Saikawa & Co has done and why they did it, so they are going to be very careful in what they say and do,

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Is there a comma missing here?

Renault's Senard denies he will be 'commander' in alliance with Nissan

And why "denies"? Did someone accuse him in the first place?

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Wonder if Senard will travel to Japan much if at all given the past set of events

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Renault's Senard denies he will be 'commander' in alliance with Nissan

Because he doesn't want to be arrested and detained on trumped up charges in Japan.

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Whatever, time to move on already.

Agreed! Ghosn is out Nissan won't be controlled by Macron, and if Ford/Mazda is anything to go by, they'll get more and more independent, share tech when it suit to share development costs and compete head on when they can't agree to be nice. Though I admit, the French can be relativelym more treacherous compared to the Americans.

Remember FCA is not what it was without Sergio, and VAG is still recovering from dieselgate, so unless Mercedes, BMW or the Korean migrate to different market positions, mainstream makers will get a breather.

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Saikawa should remember what's good for the Ghosn is good for the Japanese execs too.

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But this is not a change of direction, just Senard instead of Ghosn, so Saikawa plan achieved nothing.

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It would be presumptuous and wrong of him to say he will lead the alliance. Things have not settled and he has not been officially appointed so for him to say something to that extent would rub a lot of people the wrong way even if they have had these discussions behind closed doors. Even if you have already secured the promotion, it is bad business to say it until it becomes official and public knowledge. Remembering, announcing something like that before its public knowledge or before it becomes official can be seen as market manipulation and is considered illegal.

Remember, people choose to invest in companies based on information such as this so announcements like this have to be handled with care.

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Asked whether the French government, the largest stakeholder in Renault, had asked him to make the alliance irreversible, Senard said, "I don't know if that's the word they used when I spoke to the government representatives, but that was the idea. In fact, I felt that it was obvious."

What's a French Government's intention of using words "make the alliance irreversible"?

I strongly believe NISSAN must ask Renault to volunteer surrender and sell 15% stock shares back to NISSAN.

There's no business for French Government to run the company.

NISSAN and MITSUBISHI Motor must be very careful and aware of the French Government position in Renault SA.

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Right off the bat you can tell he is a weak leader, a STRONG leader, leads by example and strategy, you are no Carlos do not worry, your commander will and always will be Saikawa until he breaks the alliance, coming soon.

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As the old saying goes, to cut the snakes head off (the alliance), you need a weak team to manipulate first.

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Saikawa's signature on related documents was reported by Japan's Asahi newspaper in December. But their existence has assumed new urgency because prosecutors must now turn the documents over to Ghosn's defense team as part of pretrial discovery. Ghosn's lawyers were expected to have the documents in hand as early as Friday, March 15, two people said.

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With the unclear ongoing case at Nissan, any wise guy will not make any major decisions until the Ghosn and Nissan case is over. saikawa is going to have many issues to answer to. Which he cannot deny. From the start , he was the one messing up a good joint venture. saikawa action have wasted unnecessary time and share-holders money, all for only his own benefit.

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I am surprised that this alliance is even continuing.

Unless Japan drastically reforms it's law, and to some degree, it's mindset (culture), I would feel very uncomfortable doing business with Japanese companies.

To my mind, trust is lost.

It flies in the face of the Japan I once knew.

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@ex res, you knew a honest transparent Japan? ?

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