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Renault alliance not in danger, says Nissan CEO

By Toshifumi Kitamura

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If I have learned anything working in big corporations it is that leadership will lie with a straight face til the end.

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The alliance is not in danger its Nissans name that is in danger, should and when all this blows over, there is still the bill Nissan has to pay for this circus, and the cost is going to be a name change to something western and or French!

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"I don't think it's in danger at all," he said.

Only Saikawa who said that? How about other people from that alliance would say?

"This is a process of the Japanese system, so I have nothing to say," Saikawa said

Who gave him to legal system in the first place? Was that happen out from nothing?

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But Renault has kept Ghosn on as CEO, and the French firm has repeatedly urged Nissan to call a shareholder meeting, reportedly seeking to bolster its representation on the company's board.

Officials at both companies have also complained about a breakdown in communication in the wake of the arrest.

Yeah so what's happening here is that Saikawa is avoiding being fired. That's why Ghosn came back to Japan, but Saikawa acted first and had him arrested before he could be fired not knowing he had a plan. But turns out not a great plan as it has cast Japan's entire corporate and legal system into doubt.

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What happens when in future the head of Nissan Saikawa-son-of-a-gun has to deal with the head of Renault Monsieur Ghosn??? Duel?

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This Japanese man wants attention , look at how narrow his mind is, he cannot even figure out what he had done to Nissan Inc & the Japanese people in his company ???.He had caused a lot of pain to every one involved and wasted so much time & tax payers money. Look at him, wearing a red flower to stand out of the crowd. This is a egoistic , selfish & back-stabbing man that have cause all good fair people in Nissan to lose everything in the eyes of good Japanese & in the eyes of the world. No problems in the business joint venture ???. Dream on u egoist. Dream on.......................................

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The going says never save a black snake, getting fired, it should be done soon,...............................lets see, How much time , money share-holders of Nissan Japan can afford to lose ???.then how much money & time the good Japanese tax payers can afford to lose ???.so far, saikawa had just talked & talked & talked. But the shares of Nissan are down , sales are down, products defective......................what else ???.talk talk , talk...........................oh, is it because he is born Japanese that he is o.k. ???.Look carefully, it is not the race, it is the borned charactors, no one can save a borned mean-hearted black snake.

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Saikawa should be worrying more about his own future.

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Saikawa is definitely the man who represents the Japanese spirit more authentically and better than Ghosn.

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Saikawa is definitely the man who represents the Japanese spirit more authentically and better than Ghosn

What spirit....stabbing your boss in the back while smiling at him?

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So that statement was from the "dark era of Ghosn" the same man that is so loyal

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"I'm not on fire", reports man on fire

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@marcelito Just what Americans best at. They are simply emulating their supposed role model and territorial lord.

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Renault shares in Nissan should be reduced to 35%.

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