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Renault, Nissan end standoff over post-Ghosn governance


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Nissan has a funny way of thanking the hand that saved it from bankruptcy.

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But Renault will not be represented on a new committee on pay -- possibly reflecting longstanding rancor in Japan over Ghosn's high pay compared to most Japanese CEOs.

Ya think? I wonder how the Renault people are going to take getting paid "Japanese" style?

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Fiat-Chrysler . . . that conjures up some strange images.

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@chip star "oh look I helped you before now I can be a corrupt *head". funny way of thinking indeed

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Nissan has a funny way of thanking the hand that saved it from bankruptcy.


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Complete win for Renault.

At this point, Nissan J management is determined to avoid the appointment of any non J executives to day-to-day-managenent. Meaning no more Renault executives.

BUT, if Renault pushes for the appointment of a Renault executive to day-to-day management, they have a say. And the only caveat is that Renault may end up bearing the cost of whatever costs the J management committee opposes!!

J management lost on this one!! As well they should have!!!!

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No mention made of WaYMo part in this deal, which actually brought Nissan to the table, strange reporting !

Moderator: There is a separate story on that in the Technology section.

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