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Renault chairman narrows field of Nissan CEO candidates

By Norihiko Shirouzu

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Hilarious that Nissan was almost bankrupt until a French company saved it.

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I'm just dying to know who the next person in this corrupt company is going to be filthy rich!

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So they did stretch to looking at a candidate from Mitsubishi, albeit a Renault appointment. But whoever gets the job will have an uphill battle, as it is a business alliance, not a formal merger, and the 3 companies' businesses are poorly unintegrated, despite Ghosn's past efforts.

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sorry - should have written ...poorly integrated...

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I vote "The Meat Guy" He could probably do a better job than the current C.E.O. types!

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No one from inside both companies. Wipe the slate clean and move on , a neutral person is the best candidate. A smart brain, street wise and neutral , non cars industrial person would be the best candidate.Why ???. Pls think.

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OH, I FORGOT , with a warm heart too.

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Would Gupta even want that job with the constant risk of unlawful detainment and forced confession?


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Renault should break ties with Nissan.

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