Renault-Nissan alliance in flux a year after Ghosn shock


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Do expect Nissan to go down the gutter.

Japanese management is simply a joke and it was Japanese management that drove Nissan to the edge of bankruptcy, until rescued by Renault and recovered under the guidance of Carlos Ghosn.

Now that Nissan executives have backstabbed Nissan's messiah, all that is left for Nissan is to go down once again.

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With the huge drop in Nissan sales in the last year it is probably wise of Renault to pull out if the deal or they risk going down with the sinking ship.

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Terrible sales and even worse current management. If they are trying to sabotage themselves to become less likely to be purchased by Renault then they are doing a great job!

If I was Renault, I would instead partner up with a Chinese company and put their deal with Nissan in limbo. Don't move forward and make it so Nissan can't align with another company without Renault's approval.

Then watch Nissan squirm!

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Renault seems to be not taking advantage of their position, they should have a lot more control over what's happening at Nissan but it seems like they're trying to be the "good guys" after what happened with Ghosn and try to save the alliance by "playing nice" with Nissan instead of taking command like Ghosn was doing, but instead it looks like they have no teeth anymore. Like when they originally objected with Saikawa leading Nissan but he was able to convince them to be in favor of it in the end, only for the board members and shareholders to kick him out themselves. That doesn't exactly inspire much confidence in Senard's vision and leadership.

Ghosn knew that you have to play hardball with the Japanese and if you give them an inch they'll take a mile and screw things up since they won't trust outsiders and will just undermine their goals, you have to be tough and give them no other options than what is demanded.

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Is it really "Ghosn shock" or "Nissan (Saikawa) betrayal"?

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Nissan is going to go the same way as Sharp if this carries on...

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It is not the industry, it is Nissan Japan.

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It's the 21st century, and still the "leadership" maintain a feudal view of foreign involvements and interlopers. Think how much better off Nissan (not to mention the Tokyo Prosecutors' Office...) would be if the LDP, MITI, Keidanren, had stayed in their lane and allowed the merger with Renault to go through. Once again, threats to the Japan Inc status quo, hidebound oyajis protecting their vested interests and clinging to an outdated Yamatodamashi/shimaguni worldview cause needless damage.

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Any share-holder knows , time could cause both companies and their gov't precious resources, which both do not have. It is a live or ........................situation.

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The damage has been done.

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Nissan should buy back 15% shares from Renault and also Renault must agree to reduce its shares in Nissan to 35%.

Also, current Nissan Skyline GT-R should be continued as Infiniti Nismo GT-R Supercar and change design to match Supercar category and mounted with V8 Engine and bring back 2.6 ltr Straight inline-six engine Twin Turbo engine with manual transmission original Nissan Skyline GT-R.

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Jean, Jean...don't fall for it - you'll be soooorryyyy!!! Let Nissan sink or sail.

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