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Renault-Nissan's Ghosn to head Mitsubishi Motors: report


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This is a good change. The record speaks for itself. Ghosn turned Renault and Nissan around and I hope he will do so for Mitsubishi.

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Japan has too many auto makers. Put this zombie out of its misery, for pity's sake.

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As a Mitsubishi fan , I’m happy to see a brighter future for Mitsubishi Motors, it is a legend in world of automotive with a great history to prove it. However it has been run in to ground by incompetent and decadent management how had no interests in the company other than their own. I certainly hope Mitysubish gets back to finding a niche which they are fully capable of and getting back to motorsport, rallying in particular.

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"Nicknamed Le Cost Killer"

Actually, at Nissan he was nicknamed "Mr 7-11" because he got to work earlier and stayed later than the Japanese — as well as working consistently hard during those hours.

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