Renault posts record sales as Ghosn successor sought

By Clare Byrne and Joseph Schmid

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Japanese technology.

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'Turn the page'

Tbe page would exist if Carlos didn't get these models and business strategies to exist in the first place..

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What? Record sales and only 3.9 million vehicles?  I had thought they were at least twice that figures; no wonder they need Nissan.

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Our Renault dealership does pretty well in Kitakyushu. The Renault client is very brand loyal. I think Lada brand would do very well in Japan. The Bronto 4X4 is an intresting vehicle. A bit bigger than the Suzuki Jimny and more powerful than a Jimny. And cost, a bit less. If the Lada Bronto was here in Japan and I was thinking of that class vehicle. I may have to take a hard look at both vehicles.

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What? Record sales and only 3.9 million vehicles? I had thought they were at least twice that figures; no wonder they need Nissan.

You do realize that if Renault had sold twice that amount it would be more than a million and a half vehicles more than Nissan's total sales, right?

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I got really interested in Lada. So, I decided to to do a search on Goo.

There is one in Japan.

A bit pricey.

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Renault may be a solid brand, but I would hesitate to buy it in Japan because parts and service must be much higher than a domestic brand.

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Last straw on human morals. Renault is no different from Nissan Japan. Destorying human lives & family. Pls do not give up on Carlos. He gave water to many of yr employees. This shows , work for only people who have morals.

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