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Image: Mazda Motor Corp

Renovated Mazda Museum to reopen in May


Mazda Motor Corporation's Mazda Museum, located in its Hiroshima headquarters, has undergone a full renovation and will reopen on May 23.

The museum showcases historic vehicles and exhibits of the company's history since its foundation. Its spatial design and displays have seen a complete makeover with the aim to provide customers and people in the community with a space in which they can grow closer to Mazda, as well as to strengthen the museum's role as a base for communication of the Mazda brand.

Additionally, an online Mazda Museum has been launched to allow many more visitors to browse through the museum's displays.

With a monotone color scheme coupled with warm lighting and wood surfaces, the new Mazda Museum's interior and exterior were all designed in accordance with the latest Mazda brand design concept, providing an elegant yet cozy space for visitors.

The museum has 10 different exhibit zones with decor and lighting that match each zone's theme. The entire museum has been designed to provide visitors with a narrative experience of Mazda's vision for the next century and the thoughts that have gone into all the vehicles that it has introduced to the world over the past 100 years.

Official website: https://www.mazda.com/ja/about/museum/

Source: Mazda Motor Corp

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The Toyota car museum near Nagoya is really good and yes, has many non-Toyotas. Japan does not have very many good musuems, but that one qualifies.

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Michael MachidaToday  08:31 am JST

Thank God. Mazda has been the backbone of the automotive industry since the invention of the automobile and of course this is sarcastic.

....and unfunny and unnecessary.

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Big fan of Mazda! After owning 6 different Toyotas, 1972 to 2001 models, we now own two Mazdas and it's definitely a step up in quality and a sense of a marque that is something to 'enjoy' rather than just drive. Our main criticism would be a fairly boring range of colour schemes, hehe.

Interesting to browse the museum site. Nothing very new there, but a nice presentation. Interesting to see that the museum completely fails to mention the management crisis of the late 70s / early 80s which is now a classic in company management which turned around their brand, in contrast to so much of what happened in Detroit. They obviously see it as a negative because the last Matsuda family member to run the show was basically incompetent, but it actually shows the company's success as a whole. Should be included.

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We had a Mazda awhile back, and were very impressed with it. Very good value for the buck.

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The Mazda 3 and it's predecessors the Protoge and 323 have always been favorite small cars. Where most Japanese cars have no steering or brake feel and understeer terribly if pushed hard in a corner plus mushy brakes, Mazda's small sedans always had sensitive steering that talked to you, tight balanced handing and great brakes. I once had a 1992 Ford Escort LX, which was really a Ford badged Mazda Protoge with the 1800cc engine used in the Miata and man was that car fast. It was so well balanced, light and agile that despite being front drive I could get the rear to come around in a nice slide on some corners, just like I would do with power in a rear drive car. I've never been able to get my Audi's to rotate like that for me. Good seats, just overall nice quality. A bargain BMW 3-series and in some ways more fun. I miss that car.

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Thank God. Mazda has been the backbone of the automotive industry since the invention of the automobile and of course this is sarcastic.

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