Renting flat-pack furniture? Ikea's push to go green


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Ikea is crap. They contribute greatly to massive waste on this planet.

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Wow! So I could totally reform/renew my tiny Tokyo flat every couple of years and have new designs and colours? What an intriguing concept. That thought had never occurred to me, so from my perspective the concept is very innovative

Leasing automobiles has merits, why not furniture and white goods?

Grey today, green tomorrow.

Lets keep an eye on this concept.

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I'm all for the idea, especially here in Japan. Getting rid of large furniture items is actually quite a hassle here, and if you are renting, there is every chance the next apartment wont fit your 3 piece lounge.

Or even if you are staying in one place, it would be great to change things up every so often without thinking of what to do with your old stuff, or how much money you wasted on buying it (only to throw it away)

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