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Japan's retailers forecast gloomy end to year

By Ritsuko Shimizu and Tim Kelly

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Abenomics ... as seen from the above story ... is a complete failure. And yet Abe and Bank of Japan governor Kuroda keep praising it. Why don't they try something new to protect the people from ever-rising prices?

And "Reckless," in case you have a "foreign foot size," the ABC shoe store on the Ginza here in Tokyo has large sizes ... and lots of styles to choose from. And the prices are clearly visible on the tags.

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When I went to Australia, most shops close at 6pm except for conbinis and supermarkets. It makes sense because people don't buy clothes every day and they save on overtime pay and electricity. I think in Sydney, every Thursday they operate until 8pm. Maybe Japan should follow and operate longer hours only few times a week.

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Japan’s retailers are forecasting a gloomy end to the year, as persistent economic malaise and a lack of wage growth eat away at consumer confidence

Haven't these people heard that Abenomics is a resounding success, that wages are rising and deflation is history? All they have to do is turn on NHK and they can see Abe himself saying as much almost every day. If it wasn't true they would say so, wouldn't they?

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People cannot spend any money because they might be laid off at any moment.

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“I am not naive enough to believe that consumer spending is going to brighten by the end of the year,” said Soichi Okazaki, the head of the general merchandising business of Aeon, Japan’s largest retailer.

Anyone who has shopped at Aeon must be amazed at their horrendously high prices!

Over a 1000 yen for snacks such as nuts etc

Maybe, Okazaki should start a sales campaign?

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Who made this situation ???.people like U did. The way, u all practice business is just sell cheap without considering deep consequences for all round U, As long as big groups makes profits , the really professional good producers, sellers or experts do not matter. Good luck to your future, and that of your children. Greed without deep thoughts is never good for all human beings.

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As an aside, I ventured into a Takashimaya a few months back considering buying dress shoes. Well, of course the prices were well hidden like in a magical knot,

I found them hidden on a label on the sole of the shoe. Due to tariffs on leather, dress shoes are more expensive than they should otherwise be. A pair of Bruno Magli loafers which cost 130,000 yen at Takashimaya cost $799 at Neiman Marcus. I don't buy clothes or shoes in Japan because I don't like to get bent over. I do my shopping when I spend time in America. Outlet malls in Japan charge the same price which you would find at normal retail shops in America, outlet malls in America are an amazing bargain. It is funny to see the looks of amazement on the faces of Japanese people when they look at American outlet prices.

So long as products remain overpriced in Japan (which is why the economy is deflationary), sales will continue to decline.

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