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Retailers kick off winter sales ahead of 10% consumption tax hike


Despite Japan being in the midst of a nationwide heatwave, Japanese retail stores have commenced winter sales campaigns, counting on consumers wanting to spend big ahead of the planned consumption tax hike in October.

On the weekend, the temperature in Tokyo topped 35 degrees; yet department stories were having sales on winter clothing and bedding items, Fuji TV reported. AEON shopping outlets were offering waterless cookware, as well as down comforters and duvets whose selling point is optimal warmth during the colder months of the year. Approximately 500 items were sold across 520 stores nationwide, AEON said.

According to AEON, last year, the autumn and winter product lineup went on sale in September. However, with the consumption tax due to rise from 8% to 10% on Oct 1, many businesses, especially those selling high-end items such as furniture, are hoping to cash in on consumers’ last-minute demand.

Many customers said they were looking for bargains in kitchenware such as cooking pots

Another shopper revealed, “I decided to purchase a house in October [before the consumption tax kicks in], so I thought it would be a good idea to buy some things now that I’ll be able to use in the coming months.”

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These are not "sales". Retailers are just taking advantage of the 10% tax hike in October. Come October you will see many prices the same. Many retailers have already confirmed they will take the 2% hit and not increase prices.

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Another gimmick to make the 3rd quarter domestic spend higher, more false economy. Lets wait to see the final quarter after the tax hike

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Are they still actually going ahead with this tax hike?

Many customers said they were looking for bargains in kitchenware such as cooking pots

Cooking pots! Heck, you can get them dirt cheap at your local furii-market anytime.

NHK totally sucks. We are supposed to pay their license fee so it can remain neutral.......utter nonsense.

You're actually paying the NHK fee?

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One thing I hate about this crap is seeing Christmas trees decorated with Halloween pumpkin lights!

Not surprised really, the spring sales will start in the middle of winter and swimming suits sales not far behind!

The consumption tax increase being used as an excuse, is just BS anyway!

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I can't wait until November when Abe and his crony finance minister Aso are boasting about economic growth after the mass-panic spending prior to the sales tax increase. They did the same thing seven years ago.

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Despite Japan being in the midst of a nationwide heatwave....

What heatwave? Feels like a normal unbearable Japanese summer to me

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Approximately 500 items were sold across 520 stores nationwide, AEON said.

So averaged less than one sale per store? I’m not sure if that’s something they want to publicize...

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Yes but yildiray, NHK said last night there is a sales boom. So there must be a sales boom....

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Ita all about giving ensuring politicians gamer a massive huge wage at the expense of workers.they are Intilteled after all.

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Why is there no protest against the increase?

Why, oh why are so many Japanese just obedient sheep?

It doesn't have to happen, you know!

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Seems that there is always a reason for people to shop. Seems to me, a lot of people do it for lack of anything else to do.

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Every year in August, Uniqlo and many other retailers start removing their highly useful summer stock and replacing it with warm woolly autumn items, which can't be used for at least a couple of months. So this kind of thing isn't a big deal for Japan.

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Further proof that the economy is ticking along nicely, despite what doom merchants claim. Customers spending big money on winter goods in the middle of summer is an upbeat sign for retailers that people have ample disposable money to spend. Real promising news!

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I love these "sales". They increase the price by the exact amount they then "mark down". Reminds of me of legendary 77% of Rakuten sales, where most shops simply put in inflated price and then the 77% off led to the regular price, if not higher, and were later charged in the massive scandal. Still, it doesn't beat the local bakery that has a sign with, "Mondays: one melon-pan for 80 yen. Three for 240 yen!!"

I'm just surprised they don't have the Hallowe'en AND Christmas goods out for sale yet in the same shops.

The thing that irks me most about this sales tax hike is that companies think we are all fools who forgot their promises when it went up to 8% years back; vending machine companies jacked up prices to accommodate for the 10%, saying they cannot increase goods by 8% because the coin slots don't accept 5 yen and 1 yen coins, and that it will not increase again when it goes up to 10%. And yet, now many vending machines have jacked up prices of tea to 160 yen, citing the upcoming tax increase. Train stations will follow, as they did the same.

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An economically stressed country does not need consumption taxes. An ageing population and growing automation in workplace needs clear vision on future and markets. more affordable families life and higher paying jobs.

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If you're buying a house or a new car I can see it, but otherwise...It's only 2%.

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Come October, watch how deathly quiet supermarkets and malls go!

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I'm just surprised they don't have the Hallowe'en AND Christmas goods out for sale yet in the same shops.

Been out since June where I live!

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