Rilakkuma official goods shop re-opens at Tokyo Station

By Natsuko Ichiryu

Happy life with Rilakkuma, a shop selling official merchandise of the popular bear, re-opened in "character street" inside Tokyo Station on Friday. Rilakkuma is a bear created by San-X in 2003. He is popular among both Japanese children and adults. Approximately 3,000 items are on sale in the store.

Beside the Rilakkuma official shop is a store dedicated to another "kawaii" (cute) character -- Kapibara-san (modeled after a capybara). The stores are open from 10 a.m. until 8:30 p.m.

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cute bear

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I like Rilakkuma very much. I want to be surrouned by Rilakkuma.

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I want lots of the Rilakkuma because it is so kawaii!! I have lots of the Rilakkuma at my home and work.

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I seriously love this country, but sometimes I want to cry.... Three thousand items :(

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Fantastic news. The Fukushima problem will surely be a thing of the past now this shop is open.

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So what? Now all companies have to sacrifice their business plans and profits because of Tepco's mismanagement of the crisis?

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