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Robots and happy workers: Productivity surge helps explain U.S. economy's surprising resilience


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It is not a mystery.

Laughable. The date of the article is not a mystery. You cite an article published in September 2021 during the worst of the pandemic when the US economy was suffering from large scale business closures attempting to refute the strength of the post pandemic rebound.

Just like the harping about a 'worker shortage '.The productivity gains are flowing to capital.

Prior to the pandemic that was mostly the case. However since then there have been a large number of big labor actions resulting in widespread wage gains for workers that have changed that dynamic.

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Keep in mind robots' real value, the software running them, hardware has little competitive value. And yes, all software languages are English based. Musk always says every Tesla's a robot!

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I wonder where the robots and automation systems are coming from?

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Let's not forgot massive unsustainable Govt. deficit spending and MANY new illegal cheap immigrants, that employers love to hire for pennies on the dollar!

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Hmmmm. Bit dubious. Manufacturing is less than 30% of the US economy. I think huge government spending and cheap energy are more likely causes of the economic "resilience"

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Robots and happy workers: 

There is no happiness in that country..

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The result has been an unexpected productivity boom, which helps explain a great economic mystery

It is not a mystery.


Just like the harping about a 'worker shortage '.The productivity gains are flowing to capital.

Automation is continuing and tech firms are laying off staff like no tomorrow. The trades are still not getting paid what they are worth and the robots here are multi modal data miners who will soon totally replicate the human output and then...

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