Amazon dismisses idea automation will eliminate all its warehouse jobs soon

By Nandita Bose

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Login to comment Inc dismissed the idea of running a fully automated warehouse in the near future, citing the superior cognitive ability of humans and the limitations of current technology.

OK so as SOON as the tech is there, the people are GONO!  While I understand productivity is good.... we are already at a place where a BLOODY WAREHOUSE job is seen like its some kind of high end high paying gig that will soon be on its way out...………

Folks this all isn't going to end well, hell its pretty awful now...….I wonder if Amazon realies it is killing the golden its customers

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I wonder if Amazon realies it is killing the golden its customers

Exactly. As Henry Ford said your workers are your consumers. They MUST be well paid for your own sake.

Unfortunately, that principle became undone with the Reagan-Thatcher revolution, which in turn spawned today's globalization and free trade arrangements that are suppressing wage growth in the developed economies.

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Amazon raised its minimum wage to $15 per hour for U.S. employees in November, giving in to critics of what they said was poor pay and working conditions.

15usd that is approx 1650yen would be high in japan considering the hourly rate for tokyo is 958yen

In Jaoan,bereaucracy and industry are in bed and with a scared media pressure leading to improvement in the hourly rate won't happen .

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