Diaper rush: conquering a $9 bil market no-one wants to talk about

By Richa Naidu and Ritsuko Ando

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Pretty sure pads are not diapers

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I think it is important to spread the word that it is ok to use them because there is nothing worse than sitting on a soft cushioned train seat only to find your behind is wet when you stand up. If I start losing it, I will wear them for sure, except to the beach.

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I remember about 2010-ish when my daughter was still in diapers reading the news that in Japan adult diapers sold more than child ones. And the story even ‘quoted’ office ladies who used them so they have to go to the toilet while working!

The oldies in my building are always throwing out bags o adult daipers... the elevators stink REAL bad when they do!

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Well, we got THAT to look forward to in retirement!

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My wife uses them. She's not shy about it, and I cannot stress enough how they've improved her life quality.

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Eeeeeeeheheheheheee...not fun, boys. I don't have to use them, yet, but dagnabbedit if me old bladder don't work so good these days (English learners, don't put too much stock in my language usage sometimes). And my 14 1/2 year old chocolate lab needs them. I've learned that the adult diapers work better than anything else I've tried for her. She leaks bad all day long. Vet gave her some medicine yesterday that I hope helps. Meanwhile, I go into stores with bags of adult diapers, female kind, she is a female dog. Chichi po'y hole is different place than boy dogs. My two year old granddaughter likes watching me put diapers on dog.

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Oh, these are for my dog, not for me...

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There could be a Market for these with weight-lifters.

Thankfully I've not experienced this situation yet, I try to empty my bowels before-hand.

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@Gygene, yer, right, who do you think your Kidding?

@Zichi ref the nurse took it out, I think safely that all of the blokes on her will have sympathy for you, and have a tear in our eyes!

My only concern with these types of sanity towels and pull up pants, are that most of these are NOT bio degradable this needs to be addressed soon

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It wouldn’t hurt to also have some portable lavatories dotted around the streets here...

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No, there not-they are mostly private ie in shopping centers or stations etc

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In Japan, where adult incontinence products have outsold baby diaper sales since around 2013 due to a rapidly aging population

Bogus claim. Only one company said that its sales of adult diapers exceeded the sales of infant diapers. Clueless journalists mutated this company-specific claim into an assertion for the industry as a whole.

Further, since the average price of adult diapers is 5 times that of infant products, selling one adult diaper generates the same revenue as five infant diapers.

This claim is one of many urban myths circulating about Japan. We desperately need something equivalent to

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