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Nissan cuts more shifts at car plants in Japan due to low demand


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And still they don’t get it. The only way to survival is real deep cuts and that means closing 1 , more likely 2 domestic planes and optimising capacity at the remaining ones. But Nissan is to political for that, a headless “ leadership” does not help. I mean closing the Barcelona plant but keeping the UK one open is pure stupidity. The Barcelona plant is operationally cheaper and there is something called Brexit on the way. I guess in Yokohama they think that’s a kind of new fastfood.

Only the Japanese government can save Nissan if they do a JAL bis number but Toyota will not like that. Nor Honda and Mazda. At least under this “Ceo”.

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Nissan cars are overpriced and lacking in technology. The EV leaf has battery deterioration problems, so people don't buy it.

Plus the ghosn affair hurt the company,their image has Benn negatized

Yes they should close plants, ro save money, but the damage has already been done.

Hopefully they go out of business as we have way too many cars on the roads

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The Ghosn Affect.

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Nissan in Japan is doomed.

However they may be kept alive by their overseas sales since outside of Japan, very few people care about the Ghosn debacle.

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Arigoto Sakagowa you single handily killed an international company. Good job.what an amazing corporate boss you turned out to be.

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@cricky - do you mean Saikawa?

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Nissan has got to be absolutely desperate to get the new Rouge into showroom floors. They're just barely treading water until then.

Crossovers like the Rouge are the safest bet in the automotive industry today, and they have quite healthy profit margins as well. It's exactly what Nissan needs right now.

I think that would also explain why Nissan is keeping their UK plant going while closing the one in Spain- they believe they can keep producing the Qashqai crossover there, and still be profitable, even with Brexit. (Plus there is the strong possibility of backdoor negotiations/guarantees with the UK government, but that's just speculation on my end.)

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**Rogue, not Rouge. Sorry.

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 Nissan sad

I bet they are.

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Carlos Ghosn predicted the firm will go bankrupt in 2-3 years. He may be right!

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the BIG BOSS Ghosn has been back stabbed and lynched on TV . who want to support this company...

you reap what you sow

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I won't buy a Nissan car again after what they put Ghosn through!!

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Low Demand has NOTHING to do with the the corona virus pandemic. Nissan sales were dropping prior to the pandemic.

Just look at the way the company is handling it's court case with Mr G, If they just STOP the lies then may be the consumers confidence will return. Good Luck.

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