SoftBank offers to buy Uber shares at 30% discount


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Averaging down on a bad position using other people money.

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Is there anything Softbank does not want to buy? Talk about a spree.

offer is a chance for early investors to lock in substantial profits and for employees to cash in shares that have to date only had value on paper. Shareholders, including employees, with at least 10,000 shares are eligible to sell.

Take the money and run I say. The media focus surrounding Uber is only going to increase which means any mistake is highlighted to the extreme and share value curtailed as a result

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Good money after bad.  Uber is a money pit.

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The Softbank has changed its sound. Obviously, it shows the Softbank is concern over investing in Uber. The Uber Company has some on-going lawsuit against the company and its drivers. Also Some Governments have banned Uber ride-sharing service in their Country. The Uber Company is not making money and losing billions of dollars at high speed.

The Softbank CEO Masayoshi Son san thinks he can turn around the Uber Company's losing money. Perhaps, he has anti-dose for Uber problem in his mind.

He needs to count, including the problem of the bad reputation of the Uber's drivers and other Ride Sharing Services are taking former Uber's customers as well as the Lawsuit Uber Company was facing at the moment and the future Lawsuits against Company around the world.

The Uber Ride Sharing Service drama is very similar scenario to Myspace which Rupert Murdoch bought it for $ 580 millions and sold it for $ 35 millions. Myspace, DeWolfe rejected Mark Zuckerberg's asking price $ 75 millions for the Facebook. Today, the Facebook was top ten the world most valuable Company but can't find Myspace place in social networking.

The Uber investors should take an offer and invest money somewhere else. I believe it'll be a better option for Ubler investors to escape from the losing money.

For the Masayoshi Son san, it was investors' money after all.

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