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Russia OKs Japanese firms' investment in Sakhalin 2 energy project


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Good news, neither country want to worsen the relation than it already is. Only Ukraine is dumb enough to provoke worlds biggest country

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Today 07:56 am JST

US should put sanction on Japanese companies,no American ,not even me can do business with Russian under penalty

Please don't give the USA anymore bright ideas.

They already tried the with Cuba and Iran causing massive problems for its supposed friends like Europe and Canada.

See Helms–Burton Act

And the huawei meng canada fiasco.

As the USA tries to be the world police trying to impose it's law on other sovereign countries.

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Here is an example of real hypocrisy.

France is about to be cut off for non payment but it is the result of the French gas company buying as much gas to store in hopes of getting through the winter once cut off.

So instead reducing the use of Russian gas they increased buying in order to stockpile it.

Then they went and bought more LNG from China an other countries that was just repackaged Russian gas at higher prices and they knew it.

What does Japan do?

It say openly "we are still buying Russian gas" so who are the real hypocrites?

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As Japan secures gas and power supply.

Germany and Poland are fighting wood poachers, as people struggle to stick up on wood for the winter,

Poland in particular the poached wood is for Ukraine not the Poles the Poles are lining up trying to buy Coal the number one way they heat their homes.


Plenty more articles if you look.

So if Japan needs to make a deal with Russia, fine better than burning the country down to stay warm.

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OK let's address a few falsehoods and facts.

Some say that Japan is being hypocritical by remaining.

Well in fact Japan is the only G7 members that was doing business with Russia gas and oil to remain honest and open.

The rest give lip service and then buy Russian gas, etc.. via China repackaged and at a higher price.

Russia has made more money this year in oil compensating for any pre sanctions loses and even giving it the power not to need to sell to western Europe, guess why it is cutting off France for non payment.

It can.

Now I am not saying this, the Wall Street journal is the one day it. And Business Insider.



Same article but not behind pay wall


Article from business Insider


So the holier than thou go on about Japan while the west break the sanctions in underhanded deals behind closed doors.

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Good that Russia sees no problem with it, given that Japan is actively involved in sanctioning them

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Paying my utilities bills takes priority over Ukraine and those silly "sanctions" that Russia got slapped with.

Sorry, Ukraine, but as another poster here said, "You're not my problem".

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Brilliant example of hypocrisy at the highest level. On one hand blaming Russia for all i'ts worth, imposing sanctions, freezing assets, etc. and on the other hand asking MiMi to ask Russian government to keep their stajes in Sakhalin 2 project and keep paying for the gas. Well done! Good example is the best sermon for the younger generation and future politicians, lol.

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Well, thank goodness for that. My entire house in Hokkaido is heated using gas, that, I can only assume comes directly from Sakhalin. Sorry Ukraine, but you're not my problem, and maybe if you hadn't been so corrupt to begin with, Russia wouldn't have been incentivised to invade.

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US should put sanction on Japanese companies,no American ,not even me can do business with Russian under penalty

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Of course, they would. They are desperate to keep their s%&t show of an economy a float. All other companies like EXXON are trying to pullout.

Exxon Takes Legal Action After Putin Blocks Final Russian Exit


The exodus of foreign companies from Russia has been hurting them so bad that it is now against the law for foreign companies to leave Russia.

Exxon has been trying to exit the Sakhalin-1 project in the country’s Far East since March but was stalled by a presidential decree earlier this month. Russia’s state-owned Rosneft PJSC said the dispute could be resolved if Exxon resumes normal operations at the project.

That is not a resolution. That is Russia telling foreign companies to shut up and keeping working for us. They don't to lose their last lifelines to the outside world. China is unwilling to help because of their own problems and distrust of Russia. Iran is exploiting Russia. NK is chaotic joke.

Honestly, I believe that Russia does not trust its own people and companies to do the job, right. Also, without a foreign company, they cannot import equipment and technology to keep the oil and gas flowing. Without their energy sales, Russia will have no hold over other countries, and it will be certainly a collapse or a coup.

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