'Safe' investments like gold were hit hard in 2013


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More anti-gold propaganda. Quantitative easing is the sole reason for high stock prices. There has been a financial crisis every seven years since 1987. 2015 will be no different. Besides, I have no intention of selling my gold, silver, or platinum for any Western currency.

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Everyone should be like you, Jeff - after all, what is money but to put in a hole? It's not like capitalism requires capital. Also, how do you value your investments - in platinum, gold or silver, or in some western currency?

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"There has been a financial crisis every seven years since 1987."

There was a "financial crisis" in 1994? LOL.

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Gold is not for investment; it is money that holds its value over the long run.

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Jefflee, 1994 was a bond crisis.

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"Jefflee, 1994 was a bond crisis."

It wasn't really a "crisis" was it, unless you were heavily invested in bonds. The economy and stock markets grew steadily. By that standard, we can call 2013 "The Gold Crisis."

And where does Japan's bubble bursting of 1991, the second-biggest modern crisis of all, fit in to your "theory"?

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Gold is still a great investment!

What value can be put on a commodity that is portable,fungible and cannot be manipulated?

Above all gold gives peace of mind.

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Jefflee, the Dow will crash in 2015 because the banks take profits. That is all I'm saying. Can you not read English? The Nikkei and other stock markets will be pulled down with it. Grow up.

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