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Sagawa Express introduces 4-day workweek in Tokyo, Yamanashi


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The introduction of shorter working weeks has reportedly produced positive effects, such as preventing employees from leaving jobs to raise children or care for elderly parents.

Because there aren't enough day care centres or kindergardens and state healthcare is becoming overwhelmed by the vast numbers of elderly patients.

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In April, Sagawa sought new recruits in the two areas seeking to work four days a week. In introducing the system, the company adopted flexible working so employees can work 10 hours per day instead of 8.

Increasing working hours for delivery types of positions, also increases the risks of more accidents from tired and overworked drivers.

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Sagawa Express Co has introduced a four-day workweek for new recruits in Tokyo and Yamanashi Prefecture to improve working conditions as it aims to secure a stable workforce

Excellent news. this might be the way to curb ridiculous amounts of overtime by limiting the number of days people work as opposed to the number of hours, since limiting the latter has proved unsuccessful so far.

Amid a serious shortage of drivers, Japan's leading door-to-door parcel delivery provider Yamato Transport Co is also considering launching three holidays a week for its drivers,

The reason Japan has a shortage of drivers is the awful beaurcracy involved in getting a license in the first place. foreigners keep getting rejected and asked to provide ridiculous amounts of paperwork to obtain it. Getting a license is hard and very expensive. That's why there's a shortage. But 3 day holidays are still an excellent idea..

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Love the system back home, Driving schools offer short courses

Study mornings, drive afternoon/evenings compulsory 1st Aid course included.

20 points like night driving, highway driving, etc are covered.

2weeks for car and 1 week for bike(all cc).

Many goods I see delivered by bicycle or human pulled cars.

Sagawa you can also drive your own car/van.

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If you're talking about a drivers license, that's nonsense. I passed the written and driving test first time.

I choose not to work as a takyuubin driver though, because 10 hours is only a half day's work in that business. I see them from sun up to 11pm now.

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Forgot we can also do the driver licences during military services, trsnsfers to standard ones free of charge.

Hope it works out for Sagawa, we used them at times to move big computers, furniture, etc.

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This sounds far too simple for Japan. There must be some kind of catch.

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At my previous job I had a 4 days work week at ten hours a day and man, I miss that schedule!

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They also reduced the length of a week from seven days to five.

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Is it for regular workers or just for part-time workers without any benefits from the company?

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Excellent step forward for a Japanese company. Here's hoping more take the same steps.

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This is a great idea; reduce stress and overwork in terms of days for drivers, allow late night delivery to remain standard practice, allow employees to focus more on their families. Hopefully this picks up elsewhere

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Amid a serious shortage of drivers

refers to their inability to get enough people who want to drive for them, not that there are not enough licensed's backbreaking work that fewer people are willing to do.

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This idea is so much better than the ridiculous, no-zangyou-Wednesday, and once a month Premium Friday, which still expecting everyone to do the same amount of work.

I see my Yamato delivery guy arriving before 8:am and he'll still deliver to my home until 8:pm. I expect he'd still work 12 hours a day if Yamato also moved to this system, but at least he'd get 3 days off a week.

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Long have I advocated for a 4-day work week.  With such a schedule one can take care of any personal administration duties when one has a week day off, like going to the post office.  It can reduce congestion on the roads, increase productivity, reduce stress, lower costs, and so-on.  It's good for working couples with kids also.

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If you're talking about a drivers license, that's nonsense. I passed the written and driving test first time.

Its not nonesense. Just because YOU had a lucky experience doesn't mean that's the way it is for everyone else. MANY people I know had the same experience- The written test is easy. The driving test is another story.  If you pay any money to take  a short course for a few hours they pass you from the first time.

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One more thing I would add- If there really is a shortage of drivers, raise the salaries. That combined with the 4 day schedule will make driving quite lucrative.

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You need a full day to visit the post office?!!!

Well, that's what I tell my boss.  Nah, I just meant those little errands that can be sometimes difficult to run when you are stuck at work 9-5.   Having a weekday off means you can avoid the lunch-hour rush at those places, too. 

And it doesn't necessarily equate to less work.  Four ten-hour days, instead of five eight-hour days.   Overtime could be problematic, though.

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You need a full day to visit the post office?!!! Lol. I understand for things like getting a passport or school visits. Basically I agree with you, the less work the better, provided my pay does not fall

It's also good for interviews since it's hard to keep taking days off for that. Always gotta keep up the churn.

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the company adopted flexible working so employees can work 10 hours per day instead of 8.

Hm. What's 4 x 2 extra hours? Yup, 8. So basically using overtime to make up for this magical "day off"...

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