Sales at company linked to Kansai Electric surge on nuclear projects


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Corruption in Japan?! Glad I was sitting down for this article, got a bit dizzy there for a moment.

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Weird.... I haven't read about anyone being taken into custody and questioned about this. I thought that was standard practice now when there is alleged corporate malfeasance.

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The findings of the company's sales came a day after Kansai Electric President Shigeki Iwane, 66, said he and 19 other executives received a total of 320 million in money and goods from Moriyama, who died aged 90 in March, from 2011 to 2018.

Ok, so you admit you received bribes.

Meanwhile, Kansai Electric Chairman Makoto Yagi, 69, told Kyodo News on Saturday that he received money and goods from Moriyama from around 2006 to 2010 when he belonged to the company's nuclear power division, contradicting Iwane's remarks the previous day.

So the contradiction is just in the timing and not about whether or not you actually received any bribes?

Yagi said he "never received" any goods after becoming president in June 2010.

Yeah right, once you took bribes, you suddenly got a conscious and quit taking them because you became president of the company?

Oh right, some underling handled the transactions for you right?

A former member of the Takahama municipal assembly said that many in the town are aware of the close ties between Yoshida Kaihatsu and Moriyama. "Without Mr. Moriyama, Yoshida Kaihatsu would not have won projects related to Kansai Electric thus far," the member said.

So whom else in the town was getting kickbacks? It cant just be these guys, the lower end folks had to be getting some thing to!

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Holding the family accountable for financial problems of deceased individuals is commonplace here. I would prefer to see his family stand trial then just walk away with the extra 300 Million yen.

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Fraud and bribery are rampant in Japan Inc. and very few seem to go to jail for it. Usually just a 3-month pay cut and an apology is their punishment.

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Its ok the Execs are all Japanese so no detention or Jail time necessary. That treatment is reserved solely for foreigners.

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