Sapporo to end beer coupon sales in Feb


Sapporo Breweries Ltd will terminate beer coupon sales on Feb 27 next year partly because of shrinking demand. The firm also finds it difficult to continue coupon sales due to growing costs of printing, delivery and forgery prevention.

Rivals Asahi Breweries Ltd, Kirin Brewery Co and Suntory Ltd ended beer coupon sales at the end of December 2004. Sapporo started beer coupon sales in 1970. At the peak in 2005, the company sold some 90 million coupons. But sales then started to fall, totaling 60 million in 2007 and estimated at 50 million this year.


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disappointing news for bureaucrates and 'izakaya taxi' operators.

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sorry but what are beer coupons? Been here 8 years and never heard of or seen them

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There goes my free beers, we used to get a lot of beer-coupons from clients.

Those are bassically like any gift-voucher and can be used to by beers or other goods, most liquor stores and supers accept them as a form of payment.

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Yeah, disappointing indeed! I have had so many of these given to me over the years. I'm gonna miss them.

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oh no! we used to have two parties a year with the coupons from various salesmen

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