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Saudi Aramco's record IPO to start Nov 17, prospectus says

By Fayez Nureldine

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You too can have a part of the IPO in a regime which murders without restraint, commits genocide and rules under a system of nepotism which numbers in the tens of thousands.

Line up, line up...

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yes, it's very unfortunate that main stream media reporting ignores all the evils that entails to deliver profits to shareholders, and tgat's being kind because these days profit sharing is just spin, it's actually bonusses to executive directors, consulting fees to mates, and extortion fees to hedge funds.

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Saudi realising countries are turning way from oil to renewables.

Norway Fund 10,000 billion kroner. The most sensible way of any country how it dealt with its oil wealth. Vey impressive.

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I read a report that said that after about 2023, the amount of petroleum used worldwide will start to decrease. I have no idea how that would affect this IPO.

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Car manufacturers are all going EV or renewables. The next decade of the century will become very different for fossil fuels and Saudi knows that.

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Im sure the timing of Iran announcing a new oil field find has nothing to do with this.

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