Saudi King Salman launches investment drive with Asia tour


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"what it perceived as U.S. disengagement from the region under former President Barack Obama."

Please keep the "disengagement" going, Mr. Trump. We need to put a stop to this false narrative that the West is to blame for all the conflicts and misery created by Muslims.

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He should first pay the wages of the Indians and other TCNs owed 1,000,000s of dollars by contractors such as Saudi bin Ladin, who are unable to leave the country. The cost of the 1,500 strong entourage staying in 5-star hotels would easily pay for their contracts to be honoured.

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Saudi Royal family was major contributor of terrorists and funding for Islamization in non-Muslim countries. I hope Japanese Government wills not give concession to expansion of Islam in Japan. Now almost every town in City has at least one Mosque and some towns have two or three Mosques. Local peoples are opposing of building new Mosque in their town by Local Councilors are sided with Muslims. Those Mosques were funded by Saudi Government. Australia Muslim Imam Shaikh Mohammad Tawhidi has warned that an independent state within Australia is the agenda of radicals, according to an upcoming interview on Channel 7 Today Tonight program. He has warned the Australian Muslim fundamentalists are planning for 'create a country within your country', funded by taxpayers and foreign fanatic like Saudi and other Arab states. Muslim population in Australia was 2.5% of Australian population and it more powerful than majority Christian group in local politic. The Islam rooting in country is dangerous for any Government. Sometime the truth needs to be told. Islam took advantage over democracy. It has happening in democratic developed countries.

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Wow. So much here is going on here. I thought it was about business investment in Asia. Anyway keep it up guys.

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I hope Japanese Government wills not give concession to expansion of Islam in Japan.

Actually the Saudi Government is investing massively on Japanese naivety. They helped in the purchasing a property and refurbishing of a three-story building that became the first mosque run by Japanese for Japanese.

Years ago, the Saudi Government purchased a huge land in Tokyo and built the Arabic Islamic Institute, whose mission is to teach arabic (but we all know they have their own agenda). It is a huge building with plenty of men (no women....) dressed like in Saudi Arabia. Visitors, women or men are separeted and don't use the same exit...It is a really huge place for Tokyo, cost a lot of money for sure, they are expecting something in return....

It is depressing.

The Saudi Embassy is very very active here and has eyes on a lot of things. Everytime the King comes for a visit in Japan, he or the Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir pays a visit to the Arabic Islamic Institute to check how is the business.

The hypocrisy here is that they accept Western investments in Saudi Arabia only in oil industry , they are very protectionists otherwise. I hope the Japanese Government will keep an eye on their activism in Japan

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The Saudis follow an extreme brand of Islam which is as sexist and discriminatory as can be imagined! Meanwhile in Saudi Arabia people are lynched in the street,stoned to death (even children)and hands are chopped off for criminal acts.Adulterers and consensual out of marriage male female relations also attract strict punishment! Want to see this firsthand? Sorry, tourist visas are nonexistent!

Who would want to invest in such a backward looking barbaric state such as Saudi Arabia???

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They are working aggressively on the post "middle eastern" oil economy and in this process will cut/sideline the whhabi's, things will get very interesting in the middle east when this happens, and this has to happen for them to survive the post oil world.

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tokyobakayaro. Thank you very much for information about Saudi investing heavily in Islamic religion. Like old proverb, Don’t Let That Camel Stick Its Nose In Your Tent! If the camel once gets his nose in the tent, his body will soon follow. Japanese Government to worry about it.

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