Scandal-hit Mitsubishi Motors says sales have fallen by half


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What is to expected when the integrity of their business practices is resting in the gutter!

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MMC already sold off their truck division to Daimler after their last scandal.

Any buyers for the company with Japan's most premillenial product offering?

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Awwww.... poor Mitsubishi! No doubt they probably fudged THOSE numbers, too, to make themselves out to be even more the victim.

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Daimler AG of Germany owns approximately 89.29% of Mitsubishi Fuso.

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Maybe they can merge with VW. Both seem to have a similar approach to laws and regulations.

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I don't even care that much about fuel efficiency. But if they are willing to lie about this for 25 years, it makes me wonder where else they cutting corners and cheating. I drive fast, and I would rather not have doubts about my car at highway speeds.

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commanteerAPR. 28, 2016 - 10:05AM JST I don't even care that much about fuel efficiency. But if they are willing to lie about this for 25 years, it makes me wonder where else they cutting corners and cheating.

Then why don't you tell us many companies that don't cheat or fudge numbers? VW was the only ones caught using an actual device, a premeditated and ongoing scheme to trick the tests. All the other manufacturers cheat but in one other very simple way, they cheat the fuel consumption tests.

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Drive a Honda and hopefully sleep peacefully.

Not really, The company admitted in a consent order that it didn’t report 1,729 complaints that its vehicles caused deaths and injuries, and that it didn’t report warranty claims. Many of the deaths and injuries were related to air bag inflators made by Takata Corp.

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No the British regulation board had found most all diesel automobile have similar fault using an approved system altering the parameter in which the cutoff switch is turned on. The original intent was to cutoff the cleaning mechanism so to avoid overheating which will damage the system but Daimler was caught altering the figure so that the cutoff switch is effect most of the time regardless of overheating. This type of alternation was found in 37 models.

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I wouldn't trust VW. Why did it take so long to test these cars in the real world? ICCT began to look into discrepancies in the emissions of several VW diesel vehicles in early 2014 with the sincere intentions. U.S. had stricter and more rigorously enforced emissions laws that VW’s TDI-equipped cars routinely passed without problems, the ICCT figured performing some tests on U.S. soil would provide them with a good control model. The real-world testing reveal the root of the inconsistencies. The results gathered from real-world testing were compared with the compliant numbers generated in the lab by the California Air Resources Board (CARB), it was obvious that something was not right. The Jetta exceeded the U.S. nitrogen-oxide emissions standard by 15 to 35 times, and the Passat by 5 to 20 times.

I always wondered why VW didn't have to have a urea tank like BMW and Mercedes Benz. It was really strange that VW made 'cleaner' diesels then anyone else. We now know what actually happened. BMW and Mercedes Benz did the right thing and spent the money that they needed to. VW being the cheap company that they are, cheated and now everyone pays the price one way or another, this is going to affect all diesel cars in the U.S. The resale value is going to fall because of what VW have done. Feel sorry for VW diesel owners who have been lied to. its an absolute disgrace. VW should be banned from selling cars in the U.S. for ten years.

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Read the article MB or BMW actually passed the test in real life environment proven by a British testing body.

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blow out sale?

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Circling the drain.... Will Abe bail them out? Hope not

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I seriously wonder why they suddenly admit to this.....conspiracy mode on

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