Scandal-hit Nissan suspends production for Japanese market

By Natsuko Fukue

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"What is necessary is to make our people realize that what they thought was OK was in fact bad."

Starting with you taking responsibility and leading by example and quit. It's your leadership, and your duty to ensure that changes are made, and you failed.

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Goodbye present from Carlos!

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"Rather than whether we are building good and safe vehicles, this is about whether steps that were supposed to be followed were followed," he added.

No, this is absolutely about whether you're building safe vehicles or not since the steps related to your inspections are related to the safety and quality of your products. Don't try to stick your head in the sand you fool.

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Lol, let me bow now. All good,right? Everyday feels like an episode right out of the twilight zone!!!!!

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I would like to know more about this inspection. Nissan are not like Ferrari, for example, where every vehicle coming off the line is thoroughly inspected and tested, they are a high volume manufacturer (GTR excepted) where vehicles get a quick once-over and / or a fully automated test which doesn't require a great deal of skill to perform. The devil is in the detail I know but this story is woefully short of details.

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And Carlos Ghosn was seen as a demi business god.


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@Harry_Gatto = i agree

Maybe @Sherman hit the nail on the head. Could it be Carlos' revenge to Nissan for the headaches they caused him in the past ?

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It could be part of a stategy by Renault to weaken Nissan so it can swallow it up without much resistance. Like Mitsubishi got a controlling share of itself swallowed up by Nissan whilst weakened by the fuel scandal....Maybe

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Nissan fails in vehicle inspections, and these vehicles use aluminum sheeting having fake inspection documents from Kobe Steel. Glad I don't drive.

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"But we are having to take (new measures) in order to stop old habits that had been part of our routine operations at the factories."

jeez... only in Japan is this not only normal, but considered a valid excuse and a reason for not punishing the execs and people responsible. Morons. Does this CEO also know what leaders in Japan used to do when they failed? Seppuku, no? By he has no problem forgetting about that “old habit”.

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I don't think there will have problem in the car because of inspection by unauthorized inspectors who didn't have a qualification. If the unqualified and unauthorized inspectors who have worked and assistant to qualified inspectors for years of experienced and then their inspection of the car is as safe as qualified inspectors. They have learned all necessary knowledge about car final inspection by working with qualified inspectors. The only problem is they do not have qualification document.

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"What is necessary is to make our people realise that what they thought was OK was in fact bad."

Japan Inc problem in a nutshell. Good luck!

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Sure, if you let the janitor of a hospital perform brain surgery, eventually he’ll get a knack for it. Practice makes perfect. But generally, if you want a job that carries responsibility, you’ll need training and pass an exam in order to acquire the required paperwork. I think it’s written in the law somewhere. That’s why they occasionally arrest people posing as a doctor or whatever, without having a proper license or somebody having been driving for 40 years without a drivers license, never mind how good they are. Why not hire licensed inspectors, or are they perhaps maybe trying to save some money here and there? The cars will be fine as long as you change the oil once in a while, that’s why I am no longer forking out 12~14 man yen every year for a shaken with the dealer, but rather 12,960 yen with the local car peddler. He doesn’t check anything, but tells me so, unless Nissan, who happily sends you on the way again with completely worn brake pads, but doesn’t forget to charge you 150 yen for the cleaning rag. What really irks me is the management of these companies, trying to have us believe that they had no knowledge about whatever scandal hit them. They either have no clue what’s going on in the company or are lying. It’s probably both.

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Does Nissan have a company Tanto?

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Brian: The Tanto is made by Daihatsu owned by Toyota made of aluminum from Kobe.

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Could go deeper. Maybe the plants do not have enough trained and qualified inspectors due to not wanting to pay the extra money that a qualified inspectors job would pay. Could be their existing inspectors cannot cope with the volume of inspections per shift, thus being over worked and finding shortcuts. Obviously three plants have a deep seated culture of operating like this. Management heads of those plants need to roll.

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