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7-Eleven mobile payment service to end in Sept due to weak security


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Why can't Japan just use contactless debit and credit cards like other countries? There is no need for all these ***pay services at all.

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Hah, what a disgrace. Well, I hope this happens more really, every damn company is creating a pay system and I'm sure some are less secure than others, just want to get a piece of the pie without thinking things through and doing proper security measures. Let these greedy companies fail and realize that maybe it's not so easy running a complicated payment system.

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FamiMart has started one too.

Actually, I prefer paying with cash. I know what is in my wallet and how much is leaving it.

By the way@Scrote: What are contactless debit and credit cards. I spent a few months in Hawaii a couple of months back surfing, chilling and drinking great local beers and every time I used a card, it was stuck into new devices that were very slow, even though they just started reading chips on the issued cards, both Japanese and American.

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Moroms! Should have actually hired someone that knew what they were doing!!

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If they are exiting overall, I suspect they had an audit done of the system, and realized it was beyond the point of repair. The security exploit that was used - allowing users to choose the email address to which the reset was sent, is extremely amateur. That too me says that it's quite likely the system was a mess underneath.

They screwed up by not getting penetration testing (IE white hat hacking) done before they went live. That would have been picked up by any penetration tester.

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How's the Security of SUICA ?

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Talking of these new Cash less payments (I mean the non-established ones)... when they're in front in the queue and come to pay, they often spend the longest trying to pay... which is so annoying. I hope they are embarrassed so much as to stop using these types of payments - at least for the sakes of the others standing in the queue behind them!

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Am I the only one that thinks a company of the size of 7-11 should have known and done better and the whole ordeal is simply laughable.

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My PASMO Card works just fine. I use it just like cash and I don’t end up with pockets full of little aluminum coins. PASMO and Suica are finally going mainstream up here in Tohoku. Only shortcoming is that we can only stack 20,000 on the card at any given time.

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The security exploit that was used - allowing users to choose the email address to which the reset was sent, is extremely amateur.

If that was the cause (and it seems it was), it's hard to believe. It's not exactly going to require sophisticated hackers to exploit.

has set up a team consisting of lawyers and others to look further into the cause of the problem

You have to wonder what the lawyers are going to do. Perhaps rewrite the terms and conditions so that no liability falls on the company? :-)

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Money can be counterfeited too. 711 shouldn't accept cash either. Just rice, gold, silver, and copper.

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What are contactless debit and credit cards

They work like the Japanese Edy system (just touch them on a reader to pay), except you don't have to waste time "charging" the Edy card: the money comes straight out of your current account, or is added to your credit card bill. Everyone has them in the UK and they can be used in most shops, on the London Underground etc.

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