Seven-Eleven to expand home delivery to 20,000 stores by FY2025


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With all the stories in recent years about convenience store operators being overworked from not being allowed to close overnight, I wonder how they feel about this. It is potentially a lot of extra work, and potentially gifts customers a lot of extra entitlement.

Its not uncommon for people to be 5km or more from their nearest 7-11 in inaka. Does that mean they have to do a 10km round trip for 300 yen when someone fancies another beer at midnight?

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Actually I can use the service.

There are some nights, especially in the winter where I just don't feel like cooking or going out to get something while outside is raining or even worse, snowing.

330 yen to stay nice and comfy at home is well worth it.

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Such a service, combined with homeworking, will give you sumo curves quicker than you can possibly imagine.

Where are they going to magic up the staff to be your servants for 330yen? They are turning to automation and cutting hours because they don't have enough staff as it is.

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The necessary staff for this and all similar projects of other companies has still to be ‘invented’ or ‘god-created’. There isn’t already enough delivery staff in bigger cities to distribute some lunch boxes around noon in an acceptable time frame. Yes, I know, there are still those half-dead zombie projects in all desks, delivery by drones, self-driving robots, mini-vehicles and cars etc., but it’s becoming very silent around those.

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Good to know and convenient. Saves another 30 minutes or more just going there.

Also good during pandemic and lockdowns to minimize getting the virus outside.

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in 4 years from now, you can bring something to my house in 30 minutes!

thanks, I guess.

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