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Shares in power companies dive on Tsuruga faultline report


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Japan is a web of faults. There is no 100% safe place for a nuclear plant. What do the people want? Cheap electricity or a good feeling of saving the world? Build a gas pipe Russia, then everyone can relax until someone turns the valve, i.e. Ukraine's experience!

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A moderate drop to show that these companies and shareholders are "not insensitive" to public concerns - will bounce back within this week, move on !

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They KNEW this. They KNEW about the size and scope of historical tsunami... The stupidest form of electrical generation can NOT be borne by Japan. Quit the madness.

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That is GOOD news-------------- politicians will cave to monetary pressures.

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The good news is that it seems politicians and power companies (i.e. the nuclear village) don`t get away with murder anymore.

The two big questions:

How could a nuclear power plant end up on top of an active fault line in the first place??? What will it be like regarding nuclear power and their safety once the LDP is back in the driver`s seat again???
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Please don't let KEPCO increase the rates even more after this.

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This will give power companies an excuse to raise their rates even more. Yeehaw!

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