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Shares lose 2.56% as yen surges


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Yen needs to be between 93 to 96yen to the US $ in order for recovery to be strong in Japan. Yes, that means that the PM's wishes of marked inflation will happen. Good for exporters bad for importers, bad for Japanese wanting to go outside the country for holidays and bad for anyone getting paid in Yen and needing to send some back home to help out family. Damn if you do, damn if you don't situation. Can't win with this one.

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It would be nice for Japan to stimulate domestic demand as well. Unlikely to happen, though.

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When I moved here it was 140 to the dollar doubt I will ever see that again.

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Well, do I go ahead and change the $300 I have to whatever yen I can get for them tomorrow, or wait and hope the yen drops again?

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I knew i should have bought yen at 89.5 and sold them now... could have made a nice dinner worth .

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Japan can't survive with the yen at low 80 s . It will go high and stay there for awhile.

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A low yen may make imported goods more costly....and that is why the yen surged?

Somehow I don't think so.

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