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Sharp shares dive to near 40-year lows


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good thing they partnered with Foxconn...but, say goodbye to man Japanese jobs.

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*man -> many

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On Thursday, Sharp said it now expected a net loss of 250 billion yen for the fiscal year through March 2013, a huge increase from an earlier projection of a loss of 30 billion yen.

So the "earlier projection" was only off by a factor of eight. No wonder no one has any confidence in Japanese management.

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The company also listed concerns for the future, including Japan’s deflation and its electricity supply, as the nation now uses only two of some 50 nuclear power reactors that used to provide one-third of the nation’s energy.

Sharp now joins a long line of major companies (and therefore everyone who has a job that is now up for review) suffering because people are refusing to see the damage caused by their anti-nuclear stances. Sure it isn't the only reason why we'll see Sharp make a staff cut in Japan, but it sure does make things easy.

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cracaphatAug. 04, 2012 - 02:02AM JST

Innovate or die, Not making only good copies is the key. These companies can't smell the cheese to move on until it's way too late.

Considering that Sharp pretty much made the smartphone possible with their innovations, yet are getting pummeled by decent if under par korean and chinese copies, I think you have some mistakes in your logic.

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SHARP-another lost child in new global economy. No innovation, no direction and no focus.

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really? are you really global watcher? It was because of Japan Inc. that the world's tech is as advanced as of today's, thanks to their innovations & imaginations. Apple? Samsung? a bunch of loud-mouthed copycats.

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