Sharp to cut 11,000 jobs, sell assets


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Sharp, which has seen its mainstay television, liquid crystal display and solar panel products struggle, has promised to return to the black in the next fiscal year starting in April. My momma always said, "Don't make promises you can't keep!"

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Let`s face it, the global economy grew too quickly and now everyone will start to pay the price. More companies will be in the same boat.

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My momma always said, "Don't make promises you can't keep!"

Common sense will win out over an MBA every time.

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i would say that the issues are not so much the global economy per se, but the duplicated growth of industries in many countries that produced redundant capacity,and the financial crisis caused that phenomenon to come to the fore, as there is reduced consumer buying power.

where does this lead, though?

if governments don't start priming the economy through infrastructure spending and the like, we're going to regress back to a state where protectionism starts to look like the only alternative to open borders that benefit only countries with low labor costs or economies of scale.

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We have been conned into consuming and consuming more. Walk into a shop and look around. Impossible that all of these products will be sold. It`s out of control. So now it has caught up to us.

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Sharp has a great talent in engineering resources. Shift focus on medical technology and move on. The market is wide open in global economy.

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Sharp should have hired the Olympus ex-president and several staff members so that they could report profit figures instead of losses ...

But that's just me.

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