Sharp to replace top executive amid losses


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Another case of too little too late. If the J-government would support industry like the Koreans, Japan might have had a fighting chance...

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they bleed red ink because they are stubborn and tooo patient. In business, patience is a virtue does not apply. they are finding this out the hard way. But im sure they will adjust their attitudes especially when the old geezers retire for good or die. I say another 15-20 years and we will be living in a very different Japan. add another 15 years to that and maybe japan could be a big player again.

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Replace with who? Is Okuda better? They are all from the same gang, they are just shifting to take the rest of the money.

Never seen any other company with the bunch of incompetent and shameless looters like sharp. Never seen any other petty-minded pilferers like them. A pencil maker climbed too high and wanted to make big money, brought in a new generation of raiders with superiority complex.

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Sharp is one of the nicest example of a deadly Japanese illness, called "amakudari".

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@Oginome: Story out yesterday about Sharp being unable to properly manufacture displays for the newest iPad while Samsung had no problem. Ogi.... you were constantly harping on Japan's superior manufacuturing capabilities.... and I agree... but there are cracks in the wall.

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