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Sharp to sell world's 1st 8K TV in China from Oct


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I just bought a new TV, and when talking to the salesman, who was trying to get us to buy a 4K TV, I asked him about how much programming was available using this technology. He said only NHK has a few shows that are broadcast in 4K, and now they want us to buy 8K? This is just like 3D, looks good, but people will not rush out and buy new TV's for this.

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who cares about Sharp anymore. They are sell outs.

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I'm pretty sure people don't buy TV's just to watch the regular TV channels. There's plently of options to get 4K now for movies. tv shows and video games and I'm sure same will be true for 8K in a couple of years when internet speeds increase.

Saying that, there isn't much differnence between upscaled HD, and 4K when you are sat 1m from the TV in these small Japanese apartments anyway. 8K isn't going to change that.

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China's the place to sell it... people will buy it in order to show status amoungst their peers. Even if they use it simply as a large digital photograph viewer.

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Good. Japan and China must join hands. China is the biggest market in UHD.

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Good. Japan and China must join hands

They already did sadly. Sharp is basically Chinese now (yes I count Taiwan roc as Chinese).

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This is the last chance for Japan.


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@just Japan lost almost all opportunities in recent technologies, from computer to cellphone. Right now, Japan has visible advantages in 8k, a lot of work done excellently since 10 years ago. But this advantage could be quickly disappear because the nature of technology is so open, anyone can make it work.

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You keep saying Japan have lost etc. There was a time when I would have agreed but Sharp are Chinese now, tragic as it is. You may consider them Japanese but since their parent company is not Japanese and the oike running it is not Japanese.... They sold out.

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"...who cares about Sharp anymore. They are sell outs."

I'Ve happily owned my Aquos TV for 5 or 6 years. It was the best product on the market when I compared the specs and price.

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I'Ve happily owned my Aquos TV for 5 or 6 years. It was the best product on the market when I compared the specs and price.

so what, they are still sell outs. When Sharp was Japanese I also had many of their products, until they started making them outside of Japan and the quality plummeted. They are chinese now. Sell outs.

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I've got two Aquos TVs, both bought within three years, and they both had the best picture when I was looking in the stores. When I bought the second, I didn't go in with the intention of buying another sharp, but when comparing the picture to the rest of the TVs in the store, Aquos came out on top.

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In the past, Japanese Companies were very slow to introduce or share their new technology to the world. Now the Hon Hai has rushed to introduce new technology to the world before Korean Companies. I hope other Japanese Companies will follow the example of Sharp - Hon Hai. Japanese Companies have lost their opportunity in the past. They must share their new technology with the world.

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