Shell CEO calls it 'irresponsible' to cut oil production now


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That's rich coming from a BP CEO!

Remember the 2010 BP oil spill?

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“Ultimately, I am in the service of shareholder value.”

In other words profits before people

Although I do have sympathy for the chap’s view and largely this is the fault of governments that burden renewables with restrictions and uneconomic schemes.

Japan being a culprit whereas China is a shining example of progress

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Unpleasant truth: You can only dispose of fossils as fast as you replace them with viable alternatives at the same cost. Otherwise you will beggar, starve and freeze people, undermine regimes and lose all support for the transition. In simple terms, people whose energy bills have doubled, hate their government for it. Do that again, or (worse) turn the power off, and they will be hanging them from lamp posts. So governments need to roll out the green energy asap. The penny may finally have dropped, that politicians need to be doing it to save their own skins. That is something they are quite good at. So that should speed things along a bit.

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I think unfortunately with the oil regimes of the world lining up to support Russia, he is right. It would be nice if democracies could weather high gas prices but I haven't seen that in practice.

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Over 80% of the world use fossil energy. Orderly transition is the only way to repair climate.

Not ideological cessation, not carbon credits, not carbon credits, not carbon credits.

Developed nations (that includes China) should transition first, so developing nation don't have to compete for cheap energy.

Make all attendees to COP28 get to the conference by renewables, LOL the fat cat bankers...

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Build Radium salt reactors everywhere. That would solve the energy and pollution problems.

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Fossil fuels should have been outlawed years ago and countries still using it heavily sanctioned. I know it sounds extreme but the option has always been, simply put, death. We chose and keep choosing death.

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Constant use of fossil fuels will ultimately lead to our downfall

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Constant use of fossil fuels will ultimately lead to our downfall

And the alternative is?

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Give it ten, twenty years and these people will be being lynched by desperate, heat-crazed mobs.

Not something I hope for, or enjoy contemplating, just a prediction….

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As has already been stated, the best way out of the global warming mess is not to suddenly outlaw carbon based fuels, but to make greener alternatives practical, and available, asap. At this point in our history, simply outlawing fossil fuels would be more painful than a gradual transition to clean fuels. However, if we continue to allow the pace of global warming to accelerate, the time may indeed arrive where just outlawing the use of fossil fuels would be politically acceptable.

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Because their record profits and record bonuses and overcharging the public will be less appetizing?

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A responsible shift to renewables is reasonable except for climate zealots. Many of them fly in private jets and live in mansions consuming disproportionate amount of fossil fuels.

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I think what he meant to say was that is was 'irresponsible' to cut into our profits. Notice he did not say anything about oil companies gouging prices during the Covid crisis, which they continue to do.

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