Shimizu begins construction of 1.9MW biomass power plant in Nagano


Shimizu Corp has started construction of a woody biomass power plant with a rated output of 1.99MW in an industrial park in Tomi City, Nagano Prefecture.

The plant will combust about 30,000 tons of wood chips per year, and the amount of electricity generated at the plant is equivalent to the amount consumed by 4,500 households. The FIT tariff set for the plant is ¥40/kWh.

To reduce workload at night and on holidays, Shimizu newly developed a machine that automatically puts wood chips into the plant from an area where chips are stored.

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This will have massive subsidies. I wouldn't be surprised if it is eternally nonviable without them. I'm all for eco tech, but only good eco tech. A solar panel will produce electricity without trucking in loads of woodchips and producing PM, from the trucks and the burning wood, and without needing somone, ultimately the ordinary consumer, to pay 40 yen a KWh for the power.

I hope they are using the waste heat too.

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These wood chip burning power plants are terrible for the environment: their emissions are higher than coal-fired power stations, the particulates they release are similar to diesel cars, and burning wood releases CO2. Despite all the damage they do the government still pays a massive subsidy. These things should not be allowed.

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Yes they're not particularly clean at all, producing as scrote said large volumes of CO2 and other pollutants incl dioxins.

They claim to be environmentally-friendly by being carbon neutral, because the trees from which the biomass originated from absorbed CO2, and the new trees planted to replace the sourced ones continue the CO2 absorption cycle.

But such long term carbon neutralization doesn't account for the consistent short term pollution from burning.

Companies establishing such, should explain all details openly as they are not truly "eco".

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Wood chip waste, or specially produced Wood chips ? One wonders if this would really be environmentally beneficial.

Now, were it to collect home bio-mass waste and use that as a source for energy... that would be something to talk about. Think about all the waste foods, bits of chopped vegetables , unfinished plates of food within the country simply being dumped. Surely something more productive could be done with that "waste".

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There are also other forms of biomass which can also be used to create fuel for energy,

Additionally, I remember when I was younger living in Japan, there was a policy of disposing of household grease by wiping cooking pans with newspaper -- this sounded dangerous and a fire hazard -- instead, it is better to save used cooking oil in a screw top jar, all the used oil can then be recycled as fuel for energy . . . .

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