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Shinsei Bank to offer 24-hour ATM service over year-end holidays


Shinsei Bank said that its ATM services will be available throughout the entire year-end and New Year holiday period. Shinsei Bank PowerFlex account holders will be able to use Shinsei's ATM services - including deposits, withdrawals and account balance inquiries - as usual 24 hours a day, free of charge, during the entire year-end and New Year holidays at ATMs located in the bank's head office and other branches.

In addition, Shinsei's PowerFlex account holders will receive the same free ATM services 24 hours a day at the 13,476 Seven Bank ATMs installed in Seven-Eleven convenience stores, Tokyo (Haneda), Narita and Kansai international airports and other locations operating non-stop year-round.


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It's almost 2009 and Japan is just now getting 24/7 ATM access? It will be the end of the world when they get on-line banking.

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It will be the end of the world when they get on-line banking

The end of the world came several years ago, then. I've been using on-line banking for at least the last five years.

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Shinsei Rocks. I'm just trying to convince my new landlord to accept it instead of the highly inconvenient bank furikomi transfer.

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machines working when people aren't? whodathunkit!

hats off to shinsei

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Were Shinsei bank ATMs closed last year? I recall them working or my memory has gone bad. But anycase thats good news.

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why is this news? they've been doing it for years. this seems more like a PR tactic than a news piece. either way, i'm glad shinsei does this and i wonder why more banks don't.

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how Shinsei ATMs are there actually probably what a handful, they do the same as Citibank(which I use) & thats offer their ATMs 24hrs then piggyback on others systems, me I mostly use the ATMs at 7-11s now they are the first ones to have really got it right

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Wow! Now open 24 hour ATMs in Tokyo, so you can blow more of your hard earned money away when you have drunk too much in Shinjuku and end up stumbling from bar to bar in Roppongi??

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