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Sinking currencies point to jitters about emerging economies


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And posters on this board argue Japan is a special case, blaming its slow growth wholly on Abenomics.

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I have very little money in 'money' ie cash but I do have hard assets which cannot be devalued......

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PetroBras is an interesting name for an oil company.

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So these "emerging" currencies (Kazakhstan!) are tanking. Is that really a shock that was unexpected?

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I have very little money in 'money' in cash but I do have hard assets which cannot be devalued......

Hard assets may be better than money in times like these, but they certainly can be devalued. Real estate prices can fall even during inflation if there is no demand. And a cash-strapped government may decide to tax and regulate those hard assets (real estate, gold) to the point that they lose as much value as the currency does.

I don't know of any foolproof assets - all the more reason to spread those hard assets out. Maybe a few will survive unscathed.

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I don't know of any foolproof assets.

Small arms, if you live somewhere where they are legal. Off-grid power generation (typically solar installations).

But you are definitely right about the importance of spreading your assets around, both across different categories as well as geographically/internationally.

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I have my health. I need nothing else except love, hugs and a huge bank account.

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The Federal Reserve Board is not America's central bank ... it's the United Stares of America's central bank.

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"but I do have hard assets which cannot be devalued...."

If you invested in the leading 2 "hard assets" -- gold and oil -- in the last 5 years, then you lost your shirt.

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