Slowdown or not? U.S. job market walking a tight rope


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Rising employment, falling GDP, so what gives? Productivity (hourly output per worker). US productivity fell to historic, record low in the last reading out two weeks ago. The effect of strengthening labor unions and other socialist work practices, government regulations that inhibit investment, etc, are now showing up. To escape from anti-business factors, many firms, big and small, are running away from blue states like California to red states like Tennessee and Florida.

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The US "Great Resignation" is still ongoing

US workers are quitting their jobs at higher rates in recent history because they can find jobs elsewhere that suits them better

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There is no labor shortage. There is a pay shortage.

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Nothing can stop the US

The unemployment rate disagree with you.

OPEC+ disagree with you and meeting soon to try and avoid collapse.

Oil futures 50% down from high. Market disagree with you.

Bond market disagree with you, yield curve inverted.

Two consecutive negative GDP growth disagree with you.

Only the White House agree with you, LOL.


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Youll ruin the whole “the economy is going to hell!” Talking point.

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Nothing can stop the US as long as cheap, Chinese good are feeding the beast,in America,you spend money, because you have too,not because want too

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Job growth has to slow way down in order to curb some of the inflation. Of course some of it will naturally come down over time as commodity prices comes down, but if people still have money to spend then demand is there for products and services and prices will remain elevated.

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According to consensus, the unemployment rate for August should fall somewhere around 3.5 percent when official data is released at 8:30 a.m.

This story needs editing, the unemployment rate released Friday actually rose to 3.7%

The narrative is also rather misleading. All things point to a slowing down in the US economy, even inflation is flattening. It might suit the Biden administration's narrative (and that of the Feds), ie blaming consumers for the inflation when it was the Russian sanctions that caused the energy spike and the flow on effects of that. The Feds needs to get its independence back and stop this spurious rate hike cycle before they destroy the US economy.

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and a lack of workers at a moment when employers are looking to hire on a large scale.

This is literally never the case.

It is a lack of wages and benefits of the jobs offered for the associated working conditions.

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