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Slumping U.S. market hurts Japanese automakers


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It ain't even started yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If we are lucky we'll see Toyonda in the future.

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Does anybody know how many Toyota's in the US are actually manufactured in US factories? Another interesting question is: Does anybody know how many of the GM cars are manufactured in Mexico?

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Nature surely works in strange and mysterious ways... I an just see the hairs turning white in JAMA - time to tell the truth. Watch how great an impact this is going to have on the TSE since as I've been saying the JAMA gang has been cooking the books seriously for three years using the US market in particular to rack up fictious sales.

ThreeTigers: To answer your first question, I don't even know if Toyota can actually answer that for you. You see they hedge a lot of numbers. They book sales based only on so-called 'budget' targets. The beautiful part of their little arrangement is that when the actual numbers do come they are always far off the mark. So they 'borrow from the next 'budget' and repeat the 'scam'. I know this for a fact - 15 years of insider experience. The second question I have no idea.

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Heck! That's the last straw ...

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