Smart Agriculture Iwata to begin sales of kale that can be eaten fresh


Smart Agriculture Iwata Co Ltd, Fujitsu Limited, ORIX Corp and Masuda Seed Co have announced that, starting in mid-June, Smart Agriculture Iwata will begin full-fledged sales in Japan of kale that can be eaten fresh and uncooked as the first product in its "B-Food" brand series of functional foods intended to facilitate health and beauty.

Masuda Seed developed the kale from seedlings, which were grown in cultivation facilities using advanced environmental controls. Smart Agriculture said it will produce this kale using optimal cultivation technology in an environment where factors such as temperature and humidity are controlled using Fujitsu's information and communication technology (ICT), and provide it to a growing number of businesses across Japan, such as supermarkets and the restaurant industry.


Recently, functional foods are garnering a great deal of attention for their high nutritional value, and the expected effects on health and beauty. Smart Agriculture, which started business on April 1, with investment from Fujitsu, ORIX and Masuda Seed, provides food with high nutritional value, including vitamins and minerals such as calcium, as part of its B-Food series. The company said it cultivates the product in an optimal environment, with the best technology, and great care in selecting seeds (seedlings and varieties), fusing experience in each field in the food value chain, including seeds and seedling development, cultivation, environmental control, and marketing.

As the first product in this series, it will begin full-fledged sales in June of kale that can be eaten fresh, without cooking. Unlike ordinary kale used in green juices and so forth, this kale has softer leaves that are less bitter, making it easier to eat raw. It can be used as is in salads or a variety of other foods, such as soups, stir-fry, and smoothies.

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It will be sold overpriced in a small bag ? I can't even buy Romaine lettuce here to make a Caesar salad. The problem in Japan that anything new is always overpriced compared to the rest of the world.

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Hey! I eat the raw stuff from Costco... No good?

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I grow it, and eat it raw all the time. What's the big deal? It's not new, nor is this news.

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